About Us

Swift Engineering and Service Co., Ltd. was established in the year 2017, we are a professional factory  accessories distributor focus on surface treatment industrial and PCB(A) industrial. The company dedicated to providing customers with products of high quality and lower costs, we also support customers with highly professional customer service and fast delivery.

The company gives customers the chance to make reservations in advance when pre-ordering imported products. In terms of consumable products; filter cartridge, electronic equipment, immersion heaters, electro-plating anode, and machinery parts, our company is sure to be able to find the products that would be most suitable for each and every customer in an accurate and fast way. We also provide solution planning services in importing products with fast delivery by our team of technical experts.

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8/5 Phathanachonnabot 3 Rd,Klongsongtonnoon, Ladkrabang District, Bangkok, Thailand 10520.
Tax ID: 0105562098511
Call: +66989953993
E-mail: toswiftcs@gmail.com